Working with Owners Express can help you realize why you choose to invest in rental real estate. As a client, we will sit down with you in person or correspond virtually if you are an international owner and walk through every facet of your real estate investments. In a few short steps, Owners Express will have you on your way to a less stressful and more stable rental real estate experience. It is important to remember that Owners Express provides an unbiased third party assessment. We work for you, our client. Our goal is to build a long lasting client relationship that enables you to feel comfortable investing in rental real estate with Owners Express by your side.

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​​Building real estate portfolios for today's global investor​


Owning rental real estate does not have to be stressful. A good number of people attend seminars at a hotel conference room, watch various television shows that give you the 30-60 minute perspective or hear from a friend how much money they are making and jump right into the rental real estate game. Congratulations on being a decision maker, you are further along than most investors.

While owning rental real estate can be potentially lucrative, it comes with its own set of challenges. Once the challenges start to appear, some investors immediately get discouraged and tell us they feel like they are in over their head and have a hard time handling their real estate investments. Or they feel they have made a mistake getting into rental real estate and just want to sell the asset with the possibility of taking a loss. Sometimes that may be the best path. However, more often than not, the asset is usually not the problem. Depending on the type of property you own, there are many different areas that can be reviewed and possible changes can be made to improve your investing experience and ultimately the rate of return on your investment.