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Owners Express clients receive an easy to read statement once each quarter. Our statements are easy to read and track every transaction that happens for each property under management with Owners Express.

Our detailed statements will help you to understand and track your portfolio. In most cases your quarterly statement will be emailed to you and will be in English. However, your statement can be sent in the language of your choice.

Your quarterly statement will include a summary sheet of all properties you have placed with Owners Express. You also receive a complete breakdown of each property on a separate, easy to read statement. The statement for each property will include all transactions for that individual property.

Statement information includes:

Your personal information and Owners Express account number

Time period in which the information applies

Account balance showing current and year to date (YTD)

Rental Income

Any management fees

Expenses - each individual expense will be identified

Net Income/Loss for the current period and YTD

Other transactions - usually funds received from client or disbursed to client

Ending balance

Cash requirements - Reserves and security deposits held