Investment Team

Our property research team includes some of the best acquisition experts in the United States.  Our investment team travels the United States and its territories to source properties with the levels of investment potential our clients have come to expect. They establish and manage relationships with developers, real estate agents, institutions and other investors. They conduct research on markets and due diligence on potential investments. That research includes factors like current market trends, interest rates, the local economy, job and population growth in the market and financing availability. Their knowledge, expertise and partnerships are crucial for keeping our clients informed of the best real estate investment opportunities in the United States.


Selecting the properties for your portfolio is probably one of the most important steps you will do. Some clients come to us knowing exactly what market, region or a specific city they want to purchase. Others build their portfolio around a set yield. Some clients come to us with no idea of what they want or need, and that's okay. Those clients we will take through a complete goal analysis.

Once you have defined your specific goals we will provide you with options that meet your portfolio goals. You will be educated on the advantages and disadvantages for each property, and as always, our team will be with you throughout the process and available to answer as many questions as you have to make you feel comfortable with your decisions. 

​​Building real estate portfolios for today's global investor​

Our investment acquisition team works along side our research department to provide all levels of property. We have single family homes starting at US $50,000, new construction rentals and stabilized home portfolios up beyond US $20,000,000. Most multi-family properties start at approximately US $250,000 and range up and beyond US $50,000,000. Price ranges of investment acquisition will vary based on the individual location and asset class of properties.

As an Owners Express client, you will have access to everything from the purchase of 1 single family home to large portfolios of homes.  Most of the investment properties we offer produce investment income immediately. If single family homes don't interest you, we can provide multi-family properties and various diferent types of commercial properties to fit you investment goals.