​​Building real estate portfolios for today's global investor​

The on going management of your investment properties within your portfolio are crucial. The day-to-day operations will ultimately determine your ROI for each property. Working with an Owners Express Advisor will help keep you and your investments in the best hands possible.


Owners Express works with only the best property management companies. We thoroughly checkout all aspects of a property management company before we will recommend them to our clients, then we negotiate a better rate and additional services for you. Most unseasoned investors will always look for the lowest management fees. Property managers may offer a lower rate on the surface, but they have many built in or hidden fees that will add up significantly over time if not monitored.

For example, a considerable amount of property managers own some type of maintenance or remodeling company. While this seems to be convenient, and it can be, the danger to you the owner, is that the property manager turns into a "YES" machine to every request of the tenant in order to generate maintenance business. Most property managers will also mark up any outside repairs. This is standard practice until their mark ups become unreasonable. Owners Express negotiates lower rates and reduces a lot of the "Junk Fees" that property managers charge.

Your Owners Express advisor and client service personnel will always be looking over the shoulder of the property manager to help insure you keep your fees and maintenance costs as low as possible.