​​Building real estate portfolios for today's global investor​


Here at Owners Express your advisor is aware of the financing needs of both our domestic and overseas property investors. Through our extensive network of banks, mortgage companies and private lenders, your advisor is able to source the best possible financing terms if you are using borrowed funds to purchase your investment property. When assisting you in selecting a financing path we look to meet the priorities of our clients, regardless of where you live and where you are investing. 

Our network of lenders are experienced specifically in the real estate industry and are committed to delivering exceptional service. They work solely on behalf of our clients to source financing that suits their individual financial profile and investment objectives, optimizing their rental yields and cash flows by providing perfectly tailored lending solutions.

No real estate company is complete without a solid finance team. Diligent, thorough and exceptionally hard working, our network of bankers, mortgage brokers and funding team is fundamental in both our day-to-day operations and in enabling the success of our clients.

Owners Express advisors and their team of professionals have years of experience in securing mortgages for overseas investors in a wide range of markets.