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Leasing a rental property has more to do with merchandising than selling. Many tenants choose a house based on comparing properties in the same area. They scrutinize price, upgrades, exterior appearance and mostly the neighborhood. We cannot control a neighborhood, but we do inspect every aspect of a property to insure it is in the best possible condition to attract a desirable tenant. We also want to make sure the property is priced accordingly. A property that is priced too high will remain vacant for an extended period of time, possibly resulting in lower returns for the owner.

Tenant Screening -

All tenants applying for a property that is owned by an Owners Express client will go through an extremely thorough process. Any property manager working with an Owners Express client must perform the following screening.

The screening begins with a completed tenant application. The application must include all adults, children and pets (if accepted by the owner). The property manager will also collect the proof of income, copy of a valid I.D (usually a drivers license) and a social security card.  

The property manager will also pull a credit check and a criminal background check. The minimum standards for the tenants income must be three times the rental rate, good rental history as verified by prior landlord, a clean criminal background check and a credit report free of judgements. The above items can only be adjusted with the owners consent.


Our research team has sourced and vetted the best property leasing and management companies in the US. Their team of experienced sales and leasing professionals cover all the essentials of owning a property on behalf of our investors. Including but not limited to handover, furnishing (if applicable), tenanting and marketing of a property.