​​Building real estate portfolios for today's global investor​



Unparalled Service:

One of our team members will be assigned to follow your portfolio and work with you every step of the way. There could possibly be maintenance decisions, tenant decisions and possible sale and or additions to your portfolio.

Our dedicated staff is ready to serve all your investing needs.


Purchasing Process:

Here you determine how you will pay for your property. Will you be paying cash or taking a mortgage. If you are taking a mortgage, do you have a relationship with a lender? If not, we can set you up with some lenders we have used in the past with great success. All lenders we work with have extensive knowledge and experience working with clients outside the U.S.

At this point we will also select a title company and/or attorney to do the titlework, prepare the deed and closing paperwork. If you are taking a mortgage, sometimes this can be pre-determined by your lender.


Property Selection:

In this step we will discuss any ideas you may have about location and yield. At this juncture our team will be able to start the preliminary property selection.


Proper Structure / Documentation:

In this step, we will assess the way you plan on taking ownership of the properties and make sure all the necessary documentation is in place. We will discuss if you will own it personally or in an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Set you up with a certified IRS agent for an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) if needed.


Education / Questionnaire:

This process is a fact finding mission. Our client questionnaire is the starting block for us to learn about your goals for the portfolio. Once you have decided to become an Owners Express client, you will be assigned a dedicated advisor to work with you for as long as you have assets with our company.

There’s more to real estate investment than buying and selling property. In between the initial capital investment and subsequent resale, international landlords need to deal with the complex issue of managing that asset. For many international clients this long-term management aspect, particularly on an international level, can turn investors away from the excellent potential real estate offers. Working with an Owners Express advisor will significantly reduce any possible stress of owning real estate investments

Our 7 step process:


Closing your Purchase:

Once all the paperwork is completed by the title company, attorney and your lender (if you are taking a mortgage), you will be sent the closing package to be signed. Our team will make sure everything is correct and walk you through each step while signing your documents.


3rd Party Service Vendors:

These vendors will be providing services to you and for your portfolio. They include property insurance, property management and accounting services. You may also want to set up a U.S. bank account, that will make it easy to deposit your rental proceeds or sale proceeds and pay any expenses along the way. 

We know that investing in a foreign country is a tough decision. Here at Owners Express, we make investing in the U.S real estate market simple. Our team of Advisors has the experience and contacts to take you through every step of the way to make your investment experience as pleasant and stress free as possible.

Headquartered in the Washington DC metro area, Owners Express along with a dedicated and experienced staff, has access to a large network of properties and services to assist investors looking for high-quality real estate investment opportunities in the US.

Our international investors trust us to do the hard work for them, to source and deliver well-researched, reliable investments from throughout the United States. Our experienced Advisors work with international clients, to ensure our clients acquire properties that meet their needs and deliver service second to none. All the time that service is delivered by industry experts in their respected fields. As an international real estate investor, you deserve to have a company that specializes in dealing with international investors. There are many steps necessary to ensure your portfolio is set up and managed correctly. Below is a brief outline of the initial steps your advisor will guide you through in order to build a successful real estate portfolio in the United States.