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As our advisors work with you they will assist you in selecting the most cost effective insurance to meet your needs. It is important to carry insurance on your portfolio that covers the property against certain weather conditions and other potential damages. The insurance policy should also have liability coverage so that you are protected personally against frivolous claims.

​In the event you have an insurance related event, such as a tree falls on your home, our client service team will work with the insurance company to handle the claim. So, regardless if you live in the US or abroad, you can rest assured that your property claim is being handled by professionals.

​Your advisor will work with you and explain the different type of insurance coverage options that may be beneficial and the cost to you.

The following are just a few of the choices you will need to make regarding insurance:

Policy deductible amount?

Do you want loss of rents?

Do you need flood insurance?

Is your property located near a coast? 

​What amount of owner liability insurance is appropriate?