Do I need to currently own real estate to work with an advisor? No. We work with clients at all levels. A large portion of our clients are new to real estate investing and looking to build a portfolio.

Can I purchase services from Owners Express without having an Advisor assigned to me? The short answer is some. .The majority of our services are exclusively for our clients. Services such as the Portfolio Assessment Services (PAS Reports), our Due Diligence Services and a few others are available to anyone. If you have questions, please contact an advisor for more information.

Is there a minimum investment to get started with an advisor?    No. There is no minimum initial investment amount. However, there may be minimum investment amounts that are dictated by the markets you choose to enter.

I already have a portfolio of real estate, can I work with an advisor? Yes. A lot of our clients come to us with already established portfolios. We will work with you to take your portfolio to the next level or help you insure that your real estate portfolio is performing at peak levels.

Can Owners Express help me with other types of investments, like stocks and etc? No. We only work with real estate investments / assets.

If my portfolio is producing rental income, when will I receive my funds? As long as rent is paid on time, most property managers initiate ACH bank transfers the 10th day of each month. If the client is international and has a domestic bank account, you will receive funds on the 10th day of the month. If the client does not have a bank account in the U.S., then they will receive a wire on a quarterly basis.

Is my advisor a licensed real estate agent? No. We are not realtors. We work with licensed real estate agents when acquiring properties. 

Does Owners Express own the properties I purchase for my portfolio? No. We do not own any part of your properties. You or your entity are on the deed if you pay cash.

If I take a loan / mortgage, how do I make my payment to the bank? You will work that out with the lender. If you like we can assist in making those payments through an automated debit from your bank account.

Does Owners Express purchase properties? Owners Express Advisors does not purchase property. However, our parent company does purchase properties through our wholly owned subsidiary District 88 Properties or you can submit your information online at


Below are some of the more frequent questions we receive. If you do not find the answer you need, please contact us. Remember, we are only successful if you are SUCCESSFUL!

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