When purchasing real estate investments with Owners Express as your advisor, a determination will need to be made how the properties will be held / owned. If you decide to have an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) or Corporation own the properties, your advisor will assist you in setting up an entity if you do not currently have one in place.

In most cases you should consult with a tax advisor and legal counsel of your own. If you do not have a tax advisor or legal counsel, we can assist you in finding the needed professionals to help you make the determination of which ownership method is best for your situation .

Owners Express recommends most of our clients set up a master LLC registered in the state of Wyoming, Nevada or Delaware. Then each property purchased is placed in an individual LLC owned by the master LLC. The individual property LLC will be registered in the state where the property is physically located. This structure offers a considerable amount of protection for our clients against frivolous lawsuits.

Your Owners Express advisor will work with you, as well as legal and tax professionals, to help set up the proper structure for your individual needs.

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