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Owners Express has spent countless years vetting contractors and vendors that service our clients on a national basis. Our vendors span all services that could possibly be needed to keep your investments getting the returns you expect. Your Owners Express advisor and client service team will handle all aspects of repairs for your portfolio. Your advisor will insure you are getting the best rate for the services needed. In most cases, Owners Express has negotiated a set repair cost for many of the more common repairs needed. That helps to take the guess out of repairs and provides a more stable cost of repairs.

Working with your Owners Express Advisor and the client service team affords you piece of mind that your repair is being made by a quality repairman or company at a reasonable price due to the volume discount through Owners Express. Our client service team will get estimates and oversee every aspect of any necessary repairs to your properties.

Owners Express and our preferred vendors know that time is money. When your property is vacant, you are not collecting rent and that decreases your overall portfolio performance.