Ask your advisor to explain the program details and which markets currently have inventory available or inventory coming soon.


Our single family Build to Rent product is available starting at US $150,000 in certain markets throughout the US. These have become an exciting option for our clients. This field was introduced by the large institutional investment company's as they found it was less expensive in the long run if they built a new home and leased it. They received premium rent for the property since it was new and their maintenance expenses were considerably less. They were able to secure two year leases in some cases due to the home being new. This product can take up to 180 days to be available at times when investing in a trending real estate market. You can decide to build 1 at a time or multiple homes. In an up and coming market, investors will purchase build to rent anticipating the value of the home increasing due to a shortage of available homes for owner occupants. 

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