​​Building real estate portfolios for today's global investor​

​Every year, countless people and investors in the United States buy, sell or refinance their own slice of the American Dream. Most, if not all, of these transactions include a simple line item for an appraisal. It has become an understood and accepted part of a real estate transaction. Owners Express brings in third party experts so that you are comfortable that we have provided you with an excellent opportunity and you are making a wise investment.


Owners Express works with appraisers throughout the United States. As an Owners Express client, you will receive a full appraisal / valuation on every property that is purchased with the assistance of your Owners Express advisor. Our clients also receive an updated appraisal semi-annually.

Your advisor can also work with you in order to secure appraisals / valuations for any other properties you own.

A little better understanding of an appraisal  / valuation and why we get an appraisal for our clients?

Appraisal / Valuation - A ''defensible'' and carefully documented opinion of value. Most commonly derived using recent sales of comparable properties by a licensed, professional appraiser.

Appraiser - An educated, certified professional with extensive knowledge of real estate markets, values and practices. The appraiser is often the only independent voice in any real estate transaction with no vested interest in the ultimate value or sales price of the property.

Investment Property - Any piece of property that is expected to generate a financial return. This may come as the result of periodic rents or through appreciation of the property value over time.