The Owners Express Team

The Owners Express team consists of experienced advisors, investment analysts and a solid client services team. The team has one goal, to assist you and the growth of your portfolio. We have access to the best research, real estate agents, finance and banking professionals, property managers, appraisers, contractors, builders, legal and tax advisors in the United States. Our team of people know their markets and respective fields inside and out. Every team member is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and passionate about their area of real estate and ready to assist you.

We bring excellence to the REAL ESTATE INVESTING experience.

Through many years of experience we have developed an in-depth understanding of how to build a real estate portfolio that fits the need of each of our clients. We listen to your goals, needs and wants when assisting you in building the perfect portfolio. Our advisors go beyond the scope of traditional real estate investment and evaluate the value of your portfolio and adjust as needed based on your goals and the current market situation.

When you're looking to build a real estate portfolio, no matter how big or small, we hope you will choose to work with Owners Express to make sure it's the best investment for you and the portfolio performs beyond your expectations.

Company Profile

Client Services

Immediately upon a client engaging Owners Express, an experienced advisor will become their point of contact. The advisor works with a team of the client services personnel. That client services team member becomes an extension of the advisor for the client and stays on top of the bureaucracy, simplifies the payment of any funds to your account and handles every intricate detail to keep you up to date on your total portfolio.

Owners Express Real Estate Advisory Services has been in the making for approximately 28 years. Ever since we purchased our first property, we have been in the real estate and investment advisory industry. While the staff has become experienced and grown with different companies, the basic concepts have remained the same. Give your clients excellent advice, customer service and present to them top notch investment opportunities. The Owners Express management team has provided the vision for what the company aspires to be. A company that eats, breathes and lives real estate. They then take that passion for real estate and share it with our clients. That passion, experience and determination has built the company we are today, a company with a presence throughout the United States real estate market and clients throughout the United States and around the world.

Why work with Owners Express and one of our advisors

You should only choose Owners Express if we are a fit for your real estate investment needs. We are not a perfect fit for every investor. Our end goal is for our domestic and international clients to be able to manage and capitalize on their property investments just as easily as they would any other traditional investment. We continually monitor the assets within our clients investment portfolios and strive to minimize any unnecessary risk. As a firm we are able to offer a high level of real estate opportunities to our clients. These opportunities are then put through a rigorous process of due diligence before being selected for presentation to our clients. We then provide first class comprehensive support throughout every stage of the investment process.

Our Advisors

Our team of Advisors is the key to the success of both our clients and Owners Express. They listen carefully to our investors needs, and stay up to date with the markets we serve and the properties within them. Owners Express' success is based on our advisors ability to develop strong and lasting relationships built on trust and credibility, and repeatedly deliver opportunities that meet the investment requirements of our clients.

​​Building real estate portfolios for today's global investor​